Grain Corn



  • Early corn with insect protection

  • 2000 CHUs, earliest hybrid in marketplace

  • Optimum AcreMax delivers integrated refuge for above ground insect control

  • Good test weight scores

  • Flexibility to spread maturity risk across acres

  • Non typical corn growing areas. 



  • Early corn with insect protection

  • 2050 CHUs, ultra early maturity, dry grain/early harvest

  • Optimum AcreMax delivers integrated refuge for above ground insect control

  • Yield potential of P7443R and maturity of P7213R

  • Improved late season plant health over P7213R

  • Non traditional corn growing areas, wheat acres in the Red River Valley



  • Consistent, high-yielding corn product with very good test weight and grain quality.

  • Excellent drought tolerance scores and above average stock strength.



  • New dual-purpose corn hybrid with very good stalk strength.

  • Similar height and flowering to Pioneer P7213R; silks earlier than Pioneer P7332R.



  • Consistent yielding corn product with very good stalk strength.

  • Taller plant good option for Western Manitoba and Southern Alberta.



  • Very early product with excellent drought tolerance and protection against corn borer

  • Excellent yield potential 

  • Average Goss's wilt resistance 

  • Very good grain dry down n

  • Average stalk strength and root strength 

  • Average grain test weight 

Silage Corn - Known To Work Maturities


  • Excellent silage hybrid with good Goss's wilt resistance rating.

  • Very good stalk and root strength scores.


  • Excellent dual purpose corn product with a good Goss's Wilt resistance score.

  • High yielding corn product - 5 bu/ac increase over Pioneer brand 39V09AM


  • Optimum AcreMax product delivering integrated refuge for above-ground insect control

  • very good drought tolerance and root strength

  • Moderate Goss's wilt resistance

Silage Corn - Maturities Pushing for Tonnes


  • Excellent drought tolerance with very good stalks and roots.

  • Average Goss's Wilt resistance.


  • Solid silage scores

  • Excellent silage yield potential

Corn Numbering System


  • Very tall hybrid with very good root and stalk strength.

  • Good Goss's Wilt resistance.

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