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With a diverse lineup of high-yielding corn hybrids and the knowledge of dedicated local Pioneer sales professionals we can help you place the right product on the right acre to maximize your yields.

Pioneer Seed Corn Bag

Growers appreciate the consistent top performance of Pioneer® brand soybean varieties. That's why they've planted more acres to Pioneer soybeans than any other brand for over 20 years running.

Pioneer Soybean Seed Bag

Pioneer® brand canola hybrids are bred to deliver top performance. Our genetics are fine-tuned to deliver top yields in a variety of growing conditions. Put the right product for the right acre to help you reach your goals.

Pioneer Canola Seed Bag

Raise the level of alfalfa yield and quality on every acre. Pioneer® brand varieties are not "one-size-fits-all" products, growers can choose from varieties with high-yielding, high-quality or winterhardy options.

Maximize your investment with Pioneer® brand sunflower hybrids. Our lineup offers you the yield potential and agronomic traits to put the right product on the right acre of your operation.

Pioneer Sunflower Seed Bag

Our inoculants can help provide increased dry matter intake, more stable silage and enhanced fiber digestibility — all to help you make more milk.

We follow the commodity prices closely.  See what our latest predictions are.

Canola 75% replant, Corn 75% replant, Soybeans 100% (with Lumiderm and Inoculant) Sunflowers 75%, Alfalfa 50%.

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