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Soybean Agronomy

Soybean Growth Stages

It is critical to understand how to stage soybeans for making informed decisions on rolling, weed control, insect monitoring & harvest:




















Understanding Relative Maturity

Don't fall into a trap using Heat Units to compare soybean maturity. Understanding how Relative Maturity is used to describe soybeans will make choosing the right variety easier. At this point the best Arms Length Maturity assessment is coming from the '2015 Western Manitoba Soybean Adaptation trial. This helps you to compare the maturity on numerous varieties being marketed in MB. Manitoba Pulse & Soybean Growers | 2015 Variety Evaluation Guide


Iron Deficiency Chlorosis

Are you seeing Yellow patches in your Soybean Field? Could be IDC - here is an explanation:

Field Facts: Management of Soybeans on Soils Prone to Iron Deficiency Chlorosis


Using Innoculants Properly

A critical part of soybean production  is proper use of inoculants to ensure the soybeans will be able to provide themselves with adequate Nitrogen throughout the season.


Soybean Aphid Threshold:

ATP Nutrition:

Like any farm, Sloane AgriVentures Ltd. has been assessing the results with various seed primers, different fertilizer formulations, & foliar feeding. I think there will be a great deal learned in this area in the years to come about timing, formulation, and conditions under which we are likely to see a return. We saw some great results last spring with Precede Soybean. Pictures and link below:

PreCede Soybean | ATP Nutrition

Soybean leaf with aphids

Plant Stand Calculator


Assessing final plant stand is important to fine tune your planting rates and maximizing profit. In the US at this point yield begins to decrease significantly once the final plant stand drops below 120,000. In Manitoba we suspect this number to be 150,000-160,000 but we are still learning. Doing a final plant stand count allows you to better understand your mortality given your present production practices and seeding equipment.

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