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We know that spring is a busy time for you and picking up seed can tie up trucks and people that are already needed in your day to day activities so we aim to assist our customers by delivering seed and granular soybean inoculant when possible.



We don't just sell seed, we support it. We are committed to helping the products that we provide to your farm result in success. We look forward to planning discussions and walking fields in season with you to


  • Evaluate plant stands

  • Nutrient Planning and Deficiency Diagnosis

  • Develop Weed control options

  • Scout for insects or disease

  • Integrated Pest Management Decisions


Seed Treating

With our large scale Gustafson RF 2000 seed Treater, we can apply accurate and consistent seed treatments, inoculants, and seed primers on seed up to 2,000 lbs seed/minute


Custom Seeding

We operate a John Deere 1890 single shoot Air Disc Drill on 7.5 or 15" spacing. We do custom seeding of soybeans, canola, & cereals


Yield Monitor Calibration

Growing one of our products? Call us up to measure a Yield Check Strip in your field and use this measurement as a calibration for your yield monitor


2016 Replant Policy

100% Soybeans
75% Corn & Canola
50% Alfalfa & Sunflowers


Early Pay Savings & Deferred Pay

As a DuPont Pioneer customer, you can take advantage of the company's Early Pay Savings (EPS) Program, which allows you to pick your commitment date and calculate your savings quickly and easily.


Alternatively, DuPont Pioneer offers one of the seed industry’s most flexible financing program. With our plan, you can conveniently space your payments over the winter months.

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